H1 Flight Control FAQ

I am very familiar with gyroscope debugging, but I encountered the following problems when debugging H1 flight control.

1. Why does the flight control red light flash after connecting the cable and plugging in the computer for adjust?

Because the compass was not calibrated, the flight control red light flashed slowly. When the compass is finished and the plane is restarted, the red light will not flash.

2. Why doesn't the steering gear move? Only the tail rudder moves.

This flight control is in gps mode or automatic flight mode (controlled by the switch of five channels and eight channels), and the swashplate steering gear does not move. Only when the mode switch of channel 5 is switched to 3d mode can the swashplate steering gear move.

3. Why did the flight control not correct after the correct debugging?

The swashplate was completely locked before takeoff without unlocking. The correction of flight control will be automatically correct as long as the commissioning is correct according to the specified steps. Don't worry here.

4. Why can't I remove the propeller and start the test plane?

Flight control oil takeoff detection (with propeller detection), it is invalid to start it on the table without propeller, either the steering gear does not move or it is disorderly.

5. Should I set the flameout switch on my remote control?

It is unnecessary. Flight control thinks that your 3 channels are pitch control and 7 channels are motor control. If you lock 3 channels, the pitch will become - 12 degrees completely locked. Unable to fly or hit the ground directly. (Flight control does not read 6-channel value, which is invalid here)

6. I plug the bec power supply (including the 2s battery function) into the receiver. Why is the steering gear weak?

H1 flight control sends electricity to the receiver after internal voltage stabilization. That is to say, if the power supply cannot be poured back from the receiver into the flight control system, it will cause the flight control system to burn down. It is explained on page 9 of the manual. The power supply is only allowed to be sent from the electric control interface of flight control. If your electric regulator does not have BEC, and the electric regulator socket at the flight control end is occupied by the throttle signal line, then you need to use a steering gear Y line, one end of which is plugged in for 2s, the other end of which is plugged in the throttle signal line, and then combine the two into one, and send them to the flight control (here means, pretend that your electric regulator has bec)

7. I am an old Yatuo model and use the Phoenix electric regulator with green shell. Why is it useless to increase the speed in flight control?

This is the characteristic of Phoenix Electric Modulation. It is necessary to connect the Phoenix electric regulator to the computer for speed setting. By default, Phoenix Electric Dispatch has only two states: complete stop and full speed operation, so your aircraft's speed is very high, and there is a violent shock phenomenon. The best way to solve this problem is to buy a good Yingdian tune again. Or you can set the Phoenix electric switch. (There is no BEC in Phoenix Electric Dispatching)

8. Why can't I start the plane? The motor does not turn when the flameout switch is turned?

Because this is flight control, the motor start switch can only be turned on after the outer eight is unlocked (before unlocking, it must be ensured that the motor switch is in the flameout gear before unlocking. After the unlocking flashes, the start switch is turned on and the motor turns)

9. Why do you unlock the outer eight and I unlock the inner eight, and then take off and spin the fried chicken crazily?

Since you turn the rudder of the remote control and observe the reverse motion of the tail rudder, you set the rudder direction of the remote control. At this time, you turn the rocker and observe that the tail rudder is moving correctly. However, it is actually a double superposition error for flight control. You should go back to the computer for debugging, reinstall the new machine, and set the motion direction of the tail rudder.

10. Why does my yellow light always flash and I can't find GPS?

Because you can't see the space when you look up indoors, you can only see the ceiling, so there is no GPS. Only the outdoor open space has satellites. Or if you are in the community, the sky is covered by tall buildings around, and the flight control can only search 5-6 gps, and the green light will only be green if you can search more than a dozen satellites in an open area.

11. Why did the speed of the plane drop after I switched off GPS?

This flight control has low speed in GPS mode, and will automatically increase the speed when cutting 3D. The purpose is that 3D needs more power to fly, and GPS route flight does not need high speed. So the flight control intelligence reduces the speed. When you cut 3D, the flight control will increase the speed by 10%.

12. Why do I unlock the outer eight, and the tail slider moves in the right direction. They are all adjusted according to the video, and still accelerate the spinning fried chicken in place?

It can be proved that your remote control channel is almost right in the forward and reverse directions, and it is also debugged according to the official website video. There are still two problems with spinning fried chicken: case 1: if it is a leather tail helicopter, Pay attention to observe whether your tail rotor rotates counterclockwise (the helicopter is placed on the table in front of you with the tail aligned, and do not move the helicopter, then you go to the right side of the helicopter, the tail rotor is facing you, turn the tail rotor clockwise by hand, and then observe whether the tail rotor rotates counterclockwise. Here, about half of the people have the wrong belt installed, resulting in the reverse rotation of the tail rotor). Case 2: the tail rotor clamp rocker arm is installed in the wrong direction. Or people should observe the tail rotor clamp from the right side of the helicopter to the tail rotor surface. The rocker arm of the tail rotor clamp should face the counterclockwise rotation direction (if you don't know what the tail rotor clamp rocker arm is, the stupid way is to remove the tail rotor when you are on the right side of the helicopter, and find that the tail rotor screw is on the left side of the helicopter)

13. Why am I mechanically smooth (I am an old hand and can fly a gyroscope), it's okay to take off manually and jump up and down in GPS mode, how to adjust it?

Answer: First of all, it is necessary to eliminate whether the main shaft moves up and down, and whether the locking ring or gasket of the main shaft is not padded. 2 Check whether the steering gear arm has a virtual position or uses a soft plastic arm. 3. It is possible that any parameter in the engineering parameters has not completely improved the problem, and how to adjust it is useless. Maybe if the sensitivity of the crosshead in the 3D parameters is reduced to 8%, there will be a slight change, but the problem cannot be eradicated. 4. In the lower corner of the engineering parameters page, there is a button to restore factory settings. This button can format the flight control. After clicking it, reinstall the new machine and try changing several different sets of parameters. For example, if you are a 380 class aircraft, you can choose the General 550 for installation. If you are a 550 class aircraft, you choose to install the General 700. Maybe there will be improvement. 5. Reduce the speed. At the constant speed throttle value below the main page, try 60% - 75%, and fly every 5% increase. Reduce body resonance. 6. There is a certain high sensitivity in the engineering parameters, which can appropriately reduce the attempt.

14. Is it only possible to take off in manual 3D mode?

A: It can take off in manual mode or GPS mode. You can also switch freely in the air without altitude limitation. Note that the GPS mode height setting is working, so the rocker can hover in the middle. When switching to 3D manual mode, the fixed height will be closed, and the helicopter will fall down, requiring manual pitch compensation.

15. When hovering in GPS mode, the plane draws circles and brushes the pan. How to adjust it?

In this case, 1. The compass deviation is too large, which is easy to eliminate. Calibrate it several times. If it is useless, it is not the compass problem. 2. The rotor head bearing is jammed, and the propeller clamp is pushed to the bearing. Mechanical failure of pull rod, cross plate, double paddle, etc. 3. The parameters do not match the machine structure.

Among them, the second point is the most difficult to rule out. The helicopter's mechanical irregularity is invisible to the eyes. The third point is that there are few parameter mismatches. As long as it is a conventional helicopter, the default parameters are matched. You can try to improve the side sensitivity of the crosshead in 3D parameters and the self-stabilization and return strength in the GPS project, and try to fly every 5% increase. Different combinations of these two parameters may have a slight improvement. There will also be improvement by increasing the speed.

Why is the helicopter out of control? I didn't respond when I pushed the fuel door. I think it was out of control.

In fact, the helicopter did not completely lose control, but entered a flight state called (attitude mode forced landing).

The phenomenon is that the helicopter slowly descends at the speed of 0.5 m/s, and the helicopter cannot rise or stop descending by pushing the oil door. The helicopter could not descend quickly when the accelerator was retracted. And the helicopter is accompanied by forward or backward drift, and the drift speed is faster and farther, and then we don't control the helicopter, and think the helicopter is out of control. Actually, the helicopter is not out of control. As long as we calmly deal with it, we can still control the safe landing of the helicopter. If you are an American hand, the rocker on your right hand can still control the movement of the aircraft in front, back, left and right positions. It can also control the turning of the aircraft nose. The only thing you can't control is the throttle rocker. When the helicopter drifts forward and is accompanied by falling height, you only need to pull back with your right hand to stop it from drifting forward, but you don't need to stop it from falling height (because it is forced landing, you can't stop it from lowering height). The right hand continuously corrects and controls the aircraft's drift movement in front, back, left and right. At this time, the attitude mode is not positioned. Until the helicopter slowly falls to the ground, then the helicopter will automatically turn off the motor. (If the ground is uneven, it is recommended that you turn off the flameout switch manually.)

Go to the front of the helicopter and see that the flight control light is flashing red. Power on again, the helicopter is normal again and can fly, but the problem will recur every 5-10 flights.

Only two cases can trigger the forced landing of the attitude mode of flight control.

1. The compass is seriously disturbed

2. The GPS plug is loose or has poor contact

Key points:

The descent rate of forced landing is very slow, only one meter per second. The throttle lever cannot prevent the helicopter from descending. However, it can control the landing position of the aircraft in the front, back, left and right. You should be calm and calm.

How to solve:

1 The serious interference of the compass mostly occurs on large helicopters and photorealistic helicopters. Due to the large size of large helicopters, it is difficult to calibrate them. The main reason for a real helicopter is that there are magnets on its shell. There is also some interference from the environment.

2. Most of the GPS plug looseness occurs when the plug inside the module has no latch, and the plug cannot be seen by the eyes, which is easy to be ignored.