FW450L V2.0 Easy to Fly
Omni-GPS positioning technology
16V high power motor
Modular quick disassembly
Fw450l is equipped with a 16V high-power motor, which is easy to carry and maintain with the quick dismantling tail tube design;with H1 flight control with omni-GPS positioning technology, it can realize forward / backward hovering at fixed points and intelligent return After GPS positioning, you can switch to GPS mode at any time to save the helicopter by using 3D stunt mode.

Robust flight control

The function of air pressure height setting + dual-mode GPS fixed-point, the helicopter run with push, stop with a release so that the beginner can start quickly. Thanks to Omni-GPS positioning technology, the helicopter can invert-hover by one key,and cooperate with the rescue function, making 3D practice easier. There is also an automatic route mode for training routes.

The same FBL rotor  structure as class 700

The high-precision FBL rotor structure can make the hand feel more round and thick. Compared with the traditional 450L DFC structure, the addition of the swing hinge makes the flight more stable. The size of the horizontal axis of the main shaft is also 470L, which is sturdy and durable.

Metal gears,solid anddurable

Fw450l adopts all metal big gear design, with high strength industrial m3 arc drive belt, which is solid and durable. Simple maintenance, with torsion spring pressure pulley, without tools, can be replacedby hand for one min! The traditional helicopter to replace plastic gear, need a variety of types of screwdriver tools with the use of the first disassembly of the aircraft spindle, in order to take out the transmission group, and then dismantle and replace the big gear,the process is complex, time-consuming and laborious, novice maintenance is difficult.

16V power, powerful and efficient

The 2816 large brushless motor driven by 16V higher voltage has higher power and higher efficiency than the2221 motor of 12V voltage used by other traditional 450L motors.It’s equipped with 32-bit dual-processing 16V 60A all metal helicopter special electric adjustment, which enables the helicopter to maintain super fast response ability in the fierce 3D flight. Excellent constant speed effect enables the whole flight process to maintain consistent power output without turning.

Quick disassembly, easy to carry and maintain

The tail tube can be easily pulled out and put into the backpack by gently rotating the red board machine. The modular design is also convenient for maintenance, and the addition of 22mm metal rectangular liner makes it more durable.

Hover at a fixed point, beginner can operate

In the GPS mode, go with push rod, stop with release rod The addition of fixed height function can make the plane always maintain the height, so that players can focus more on flying, beginner can also operate it.

One key return, low voltage return

When the helicopter loses its way, it will automatically return to the take-off point when the HOME switch is turned or the voltage is low. When the transmitter is lost, the helicopter will automatically return to the take-off point. Midway through the mode switch, cancel the return.

One key to invert fly, beginner can fly acrobatics

Depending on the omni-GPS positioning, the invert flight can also hover at a fixed point. If the invert flight switch is turned from normal flight to invert flight, the helicopter will auto roll into invert flight and hover at a fixed point. You can also use 3D manual mode to roll and dial GPS to realize fixed-point invert flight.

3D acrobatic, one key to home

When 3D manual flight, the helicopter automatically increases the speed to ensure the flight power. It can switch to GPS mode at any time, and the helicopter will auto hover stably to achieve the function of one key rescue. Thanks to omni-GPS positioning,the helicopter can fly invert to save the helicopter. When the helicopter approaches the angle of invert flight, the helicopter will keep flying backward and fix the height at a fixed point, so the rescue is faster and safer without overturning.

One click route, easy to learn route flight

With a flick of the switch, the helicopter can start to auto circle or 8-word flight; at this time, you can learn the route by observing the flight posture of the helicopter; you can also control the direction key to spin the route.


FBL Flybarless Main Rotor

Used with class 700 aircraft FBL rotor head group, high stability, Join the swing hinge,the Helicopter is more stable and easy to operate.

Carbon fiber main frame

Aviation grade high-strength carbon-fiber material main frame strong anti twist, can be competent for high-intensity violent flight.

High performance Brushless tail motor

Custom brushless tail motor with special helicopter ESC program Strong tail locking performance, fast response, 22mm metal tailtube More durable.

All metal 60A,

60A dual output two in one ESC, Using helicopter specific procedures,support for constant speed and slow start,The flight is more stable and efficient.

Widen the landing skid

High toughness foot, not easy to break.Widened design, more stable takeoff and landing Yes, it's not easy to roll.

Metal Main Shaft Bearing Block

Metal servo seat, solid and stable.With metal gear helicopter servo, high performance, strong torque, make the flight action fast and accurate

Metal fixed seat, durable, with good heat dissipation, bright cutting surface, exquisite and beautiful.


FW450L V2

Length(Without Main Rotoe)






Flying weight(Without battery)


Main Rotoe Dlameter


Main Blade Length


Tail Rotor Diameter


Drive Gear

Motor Drive Gear:11T

Main Drive Gear:66T


Main Drive : 2816 BLDC

Tail Drive : BLDC


60A brushless ESC

Flight mode

GPS Mode

3D Mode

One-key to return

Low power to return

Lose control to return

One key to invert fly

Semi automatic assisted flight(circle flight, 8 flight )

Hovering Accuracy Range
Horizontal : ± 1.5 m (with GNSS positioning)
Vertical :± 0.5 m (with GNSS positioning)
Package dimensions