1 Why flight controller light is red flashing after testing complete?

  • Because compass is not calibrated, the flight controller light is red flashes slowly,After the compass is calibrated, restart the helicopter , the red light will not flash.

2 Why the swashplate servo do not move?Only tail servo move.

  • This flight controller is in GPS mode or automatic flight mode (controlled by five-channel and 8-channel switches), the swashplate servo is not moving. The swash plate servo will only move when the mode switch of channel 5 is switched to 3d mode.

3 Why is the flight controller not corrected after correct debugging?

  • The swashplate was completely armed before taking off without disarming. As long as it is debugged correctly according to the prescribed steps, the correction of the flight control will be correct automatically. Don’t worry here.

4 I removed the blades and run the helicopter to test , why can’t do that?

  • The flight control has take-off detection (with propeller detection). It is invalid to run it on the table without the blade. Either the servo does not move or it moves randomly.

5 Should I set the stop switch on my transmitter?

  • No need, the flight controller thinks that your 3 channels are pitch control and 7 channels are motor control. If you cut down the 3 channels, the collective pitch becomes -12 degrees and the lock is completely locked. Unable to fly, or directly hit the ground (the flight controller does not read the 6 channel value, this is invalid).

6 I supply bec power (including 2s battery function) and plug it into the receiver, why the servo is weak?

  • The H1 flight controller is internally stabilized and then sends power to the receiver. That is to say, if the power supply cannot be poured into the flight controller from the receiver, it will cause the flight controller to burn, which is explained on page 9 of the manual. Power supply can only be fed in from the ESC interface of the flight controller. If your ESC does not have a BEC, and the ESC socket on the flight control end is occupied by the throttle signal cable, then you need to use a servo Y cable, plug one end into the 2s power supply, and plug the other end into the throttle signal cable, and then combine them. For one, send it to the flight controller (this means that you pretend that your ESC has b e c).

7 My Helicopter is an old Align model, and it uses a green Phoenix ESC. Why is it useless to increase the speed on the flight controller?

  • This is the characteristic of Phoenix ESC itself. You need to connect the Phoenix ESC to the computer to set the speed. By default, the Phoenix ESC has only two states: completely stopped and running at full speed, so your helicopter rotates at a very high speed, causing intense oscillations. The best way to solve this problem is to buy a new Hobbywing ESC. Or you can set up a Phoenix ESC yourself(Phoenix ESC does not have BEC). 

8 Why can’t I run the helicopter? Turn the stop switch, the motor does not turn?

  • Because this is a flight controller, you need to unlock the outer eight before you can dial the motor start switch (before unlocking, you must ensure that the motor switch is in the stop position to unlock. After the unlock flashes, dial the run switch and the motor will turn) .

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