intelligent stunt helicopter
ARM ® CORTEX ®-M7 32-bit corethe new generation of processorH1-V2flight control,
comprehensive computing power improvement100%,the attitude response is more accurate and faster。
the whole machine adoptsTOFlaser vision fusion technology,
can achieve indoor precise positioning of high points,allows you to easily control。
the new generation of omnidirectional inertial navigation positioning fusion attitude control algorithm,let intelligent aerobatics fly at ease。
从H1到H1-v2,continuous performance improvement
H1helicopter flight control adopts high-precision inertial navigation unit,
with omni-directionalGNSSpositioning technology,
complex attitude can be achieved(inverted flight)and accurate attitude calculation under the environment。
provide pure manual,GPSfixed point height,semi-autonomous flight,
return and other modes,support power monitoring,can realize low power return。
adopted ARM ® CORTEX ®-M7 32-bit coreprocessor
a new generationH1-V2flight control,comprehensive computing power improvement100%,
the attitude response is more accurate and faster。
the whole machine adoptsTOFlaser vision fusion technology,
can achieve indoor precise positioning of high points,allows you to easily control。
select the color,
match the battery,
dry up......
fierce performance,at the same time, the endurance should keep up,we have carefully prepared two kinds of rechargeable batteries for you
carry the intelligent flight control system that we have carefully developed,and low loss transmission system
now,full of electricity,can bring you longer endurance than the helicopters on the market
3S 850mAh 45C
the longest
intelligent mode
the longest
violence mode
3S 1500mAh 45C
the longest
intelligent mode
the longest
violence mode
mobile phoneAPPreal-time monitoring
we carry mobile phonesAPPsystem,can monitor the aircraft state in real time,
GPSnumber、current voltage、flight height、flight distance、
flight time, etc.,let you know at a glance,everything is in control。
mobile phoneAPPintelligent parameter adjustment
we not only provide users with real-time monitoring of aircraft flight status,
we also provide the user with parameter modulation function,
let you better modulate the helicopter,the flight state you want。
you say:whether the operation is simple,can novices fly?
you say:simple operation,let the helicopter lose its soul?
all for you to consider,
let you gradually unlock your skills from novice to expert
一、stable mode

uav is easy to control,can fly stably in the air,no need for stable mode,suitable for novice flight test operation

二、intelligent stunt

intelligent stunt有过硬的技术精密的程序来辅助新手进行一 些简单的 stunt flight,can effectively reduce the number of explosions。

三、completely manual

the helicopter has strong power,fully qualified for manual performance and flight demonstration。

metal frame+carbon fiber board
we have carefully developedFW450,carry the first designed for professional users H1intelligent flight control:can provide ultra-stable dynamic
auxiliary and omnidirectional positioning technology,will bring new flight experience to novice users。
one key hover,one key reverse flight,self-stable fixed point height,one key return等多种功能 让新手也能完美飞特技!
aerodynamic tail
the tail wing is subject to precise air aerodynamic design,
and carry high-performance fast tail-locking motor,to achieve fast and stable steering。
highly sensitive flat-axis steering gear
steel tooth digital steering gear,can provide strong torque and make fast response。special flat shaft steering gear output gear,
every steering engine has been strictly calibrated before leaving the factory,maintenance and replacement
rudder arm,no need to adjust the crosshead and pitch,convenient and fast。
lower visual positioning
FW200the helicopter is equipped with a highly sensitive lower vision positioning module,can achieve stable and fast
fixed height and fixed point,let the novice more stable flight。
high speed motor
FW200the helicopter is equipped with a high speed main motor and tail motor,main motor
can effectively provide strong power
the tail motor can achieve fast response, lock the tail and turn。
multi-channel remote control
multi-channel intelligent remote controller,carry multiple functions,just toggle the switch,can be realized
and carry antenna,can effectively receive signals from a longer distance。
technical parameters
fuselage length(without oars)
fuselage width
machine height
main rotor diameter(wingspan)
tail rotor diameter(wingspan)
main rotor length(single)
weight(without battery)
flight control
adoptedArm® Cortex®-M7 32-bit coreprocessor
new generationH1-v2flight control
flight mode
GPSself-stable mode
3Dhand dynamic mode
one key return
low power return
runaway return
semi-automatic assisted flight
hover accuracy
horizontal:±1.5m(GPSwhen positioning is normal)
vertical:±0.5m(GPSwhen positioning is normal)
satellite positioning module
TOFlaser height determination,visual optical flow positioning,GNSSpositioning